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Leasing Process Information

Leasing Information

To be considered for a possible lease offer, prospective residents will need to:

  1. Submit application
  2. Pay $25 application fee
  3. Forward confirmation email to guarantor and have them complete guarantor application. Applicants without a guarantor may contact the Leasing Office for information on how to self-guarantee.
  4. Once the lease has been signed, submit a $200 non-refundable administrative fee.



  • Submitting an application does not guarantee you or your roommate group an apartment. Each person must submit their own application and have their own guarantor.
  • Lease offers are made on a first come, first serve basis determined by the date and time your application and application fee were received. Guarantors must submit their application within 3 business days for the application to be considered complete.
  • Once a lease offer has been sent, you and your guarantor will have 3 business days to complete the leasing paperwork. The lease will be for a room type. You will be contacted at a later date to select the specific room you would like.
  • Select the date you wish to move-in. Currently, we are accepting applications for anyone wishing to move in prior to May 2021.

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2020-21 Rates

Floor Plan

4 Bedroom / 2 Bath
4 Bedroom / 2 Bath Premium View
3 Bedroom / 2 Bath
2 Bedroom / 2 Bath
2 Bedroom / 1 Bath
1 Bedroom / 1 Bath

Square Feet


Rent Installment

starting at $1,167 (per resident)
starting at $1,223-$1,233 (per resident)
starting at $1,348 (per resident)
starting at $1,549 (per resident)
starting at $1,463 (per resident)
starting at $1,860 (per resident)

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