Part-Time Technical Position- Via Airwave Networks

This part-time position includes two roles, first being a Data & Video Network Technician and the second a Call Center Representative.

Data & Video Network Technician

Maintain a data network that provides both wired and wireless connectivity to the end user. Maintain a video network that provides cable TV service to the end user. Troubleshoot service affecting issues with equipment and help maintain a high quality of service.

Call Center Representative

Provide a high level of customer service to the end user. Take incoming calls from users across the United States that may be having service issues. Troubleshoot connectivity problems with users on the phone. Provide technical guidance in response to general inquiries.

Essential Duties and/or Responsibilities:

Maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.
Audit the systems in place on a weekly basis.
Keep documentation updated as network changes are made.
Process work orders in a timely manner.
Monitor system performance and customer complaints.
Interact with the end users to identify any potential problems.
Assist any users with problems or questions.
Knowledge and Skills Required:

Ideal candidates will have previous exposure to networking concepts and environments. Previous experience working with wireless technologies is a plus. Since customer service is a priority, we expect the ideal candidate to possess a strong background in customer care.


For more information or to apply please contact:

Brian M. Peterka

Senior Manager

Office:  877-778-9283 ext 1005


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